When passion meets quality with @FitMenCook

When passion meets quality with @FitMenCook

#EatWithPRIDE & @fitmencook. This is what happens when passion meets quality. #FMC has been bringing outstanding recipes for years now. So grateful to have made our way to his kitchen. Who else wants to try this now?! 🤤

FMC 15-minute postworkout breakfast I just made:

sriracha grilled salmon + asparagus + cream of rice with garlic, onion & pinch of Parmesan. I used the upcoming FMC sriracha spice for the salmon 🤩🙌🏾.

What would you add/eliminate for your diet? Boom. 

Mi #desayuno preparado en 15 minutos después de entrenamiento (publicado en mis historias de IG): salmón a la parrilla con mi propio condimento de sriracha + espárrago + crema de arroz con ajo, cebolla y poquito de queso parmesano. Que agregarías/eliminarías para tu dieta? Bum.


Click below to see FMC in action!

Cooking it up on Instagram! 

Be sure to check out the FMC website for his app, recipes and FMC spices, soon to launch! 




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