How To Make Perfect Rice 'N Grinds w/ Hunter Labrada

How To Make Perfect Rice 'N Grinds w/ Hunter Labrada

In this week's blog, we're going over Hunter Labrada's "Perfect Rice 'N Grinds" recipe! He has perfected this tried and true technique after consuming thousands of bowls of this stuff (no, he's not kidding).

Step 1: Throw away your orange box. Apart from it not being really really really not tasty compared to some of the options out there, there are health risks that include very high amounts of iron. So which should you eat?

Our Rice 'N Grinds is a great option! "It's really really tasty and has way less iron in it, so for people who eat a lot, it's perfect!"

Step 2: "There is a formula to make the perfect Rice 'N Grinds and it has everything to do with your rice-to-water ratio. You need to use 3.4g of water for 1g of dry rice."

In this example, Hunter had 100 grams of Rice 'N Grinds so he used 340 grams of water. Now just stir it up and toss it in the microwave!

Step 3: Time to cook! If you're cooking 80 grams or less, cook for 2 minutes and if you're cooking 80 grams or more, cook for 3 minutes.

Step 4: After the first cook is done, give it a quick stir and cook for the second time (another 2-3 minutes, same rule applies).

Step 5: Your cereal is ready to eat after letting it cool down for a minute or two. Hunter likes to add whey protein into his bowl, however he notes that different brands work very differently. Of course, he reps Labrada's Hydro which works beautifully with Rice 'N Grinds.

"It'll look like a hot mess at first but you just have to be persistent with stirring and adding small amounts of water until your liking of texture. Remember, you can always add more water in, but you can't take any out. At this point it comes down to preference - experiment and find your perfect consistency."

"And there you go, a ready to rock and roll bowl of Rice 'N Grinds."

When it comes to toppings, the only limit is really your creativity! Hunter is a big fan of honey, almond butter and frozen fruit.

When using our Unflavored or Taco RNG, you can go full savory as well!

Stay tuned for more recipes from us in the future.

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