Pride Foods Signs CrossFit Athlete Patrick Vellner to the Team

Pride Foods Signs CrossFit Athlete Patrick Vellner to the Team
Pride foods, a leader in high-quality, performance-focused foods, welcomes Canadian CrossFit athlete Patrick Vellner to the Pride Foods roster.
Oklahoma City, OK — July 28, 2022
Coming off the heels of their Pride Crispies launch, Pride Food takes another giant leap forward by signing their very first athlete, Canadian CrossFit legend and Chiropractor Patrick Vellner.

Elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts want to fuel their bodies with foods that can enhance their performance. Whether it’s intense training sessions or competing at the highest level at the CrossFit Games, Pride Foods is there to help optimize endurance and performance.

"I have been very excited about the possibility of breaking into the CrossFit category for some time now. The level at which these men and women perform is extremely high. And so follows their need to fuel and replenish. Pride will be a valuable & tasty tool they can use to help push their performance. And share with their families."
"I am pumped to have Pat on the team ! As a hardworking husband, father, businessman and someone with a great sense of humor, he is a natural fit. The team and I are looking forward to attending our first CrossFit Games in Maddison this year and watching Pat fight for a top placing, once again!" 
said Shaun Vasquez, Pride Founder/CEO.

Pride Foods provides consumers with better-for-you ingredients that utilize healthy carbohydrates — an essential macronutrient that athletes across the globe leverage to meet the demands of their strenuous energy requirements to perform at the highest level.

Patrick Vellner is no stranger to fueling his body for optimal performance as he attemptsto make history by winning the 2022 CrossFit Games. After securing a #1 ranking in the world in 2020 and taking home a win in the 2021 Atlas Games, Patrick is looking to continue his dominance in the sport moving into the 2022 CrossFit Games.

"Pride Foods is rapidly growing and it's great to see the expand their footprint in functional fitness with an athlete of Paul's caliber. The physical demands of Crossfit are extreme and therefore they require excellent nutrition to keep them fueled. The synergies between Pride and Vellner will be strong," said Spry Tribe, CEO Daniel Pierce. 

Pride Foods has made its mark on the industry by introducing a delicious and flavorful hot cereal with their Rice’ N Grinds. In July 2022, they launched a healthier alternative to a childhood favorite — the Pride Crispies Bar. The Pride Crispies Bar is a take- anywhere snack option that has been adult-tested and kid-approved with its premium ingredients and lower sugar content compared to similar products.

Whether you’re looking to start your day with a healthy breakfast or carry around a healthy snack to help get you through the most demanding day, Pride Foods is there to fuel your mind and body.

About Pride Foods: Pride Foods is a veteran-owned and operated business out of Oklahoma City, OK, that produces healthy foods and snacks by utilizing healthy carbohydrates and ingredients that focus on performance and fuel. They take PRIDE in ensuring that not only all products and ingredients are of the highest quality possible, but that every product in their line is manufactured right here in the USA.

About Spry Tribe: With a collective 20+ years of industry experience, the team at Spry Tribe has gained attention as a global digital marketing and innovation leader specializing in food and nutrition marketing. They have commercialized over 2,000 products globally, including running the associated go-to-market and lifecycle marketing campaigns across Amazon, major detail, and direct to consumer channels.

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