Rice ‘N Grinds: Fuel Your Body with Only the Best Ingredients

Rice ‘N Grinds: Fuel Your Body with Only the Best Ingredients


When it comes to fueling your body, you demand the best right?

After all, if you owned a Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport, you wouldn’t dare put in 87 octane gas, or your performance would greatly suffer, not to mention it could damage the engine itself. Instead, you’d want to run the best premium fuel you could find. The last thing you’d want is a $3.6M sports car that lacks in the performance department and performs like a Honda Civic. That’s the same philosophy Pride Foods uses with Rice ‘N Grinds. We refuse to compromise when it comes to your health and performance.

Your body works like a well-oiled machine, and when you put junk into your body, it can’t function optimally, and your performance will suffer. That doesn’t just mean physical performance like what is required for workouts in the gym, it also means mental performance, which could cause you to lose focus, cognition, clarity, and concentration. Ultimately, making you less productive throughout the day (this could cause several issues for you at work as well as in school).

Pride Foods wants you running on all cylinders and getting the most out of your day. Therefore, they created the ultimate hot rice cereal to fuel your mind and body – helping to keep your performance and functioning optimized.


The Ultra Clean Rice ‘N Grind Formula 

There are plenty of brands out there who throw everything into their formulas just to make it seem like they are checking off every box you’d ever need. However, the majority of those formulas are fairy-dusted and don’t genuinely provide you with any true benefit at all. Not only that, but their ingredient list is so long that no one wants to read it, and it allows these companies to slip in some unhealthy (and less expensive and inferior) ingredients to help pad their margins. None of this is true or the case with Pride Foods.

When you purchase a product from Pride Foods, you expect quality – and that’s precisely what you get each and every time. The ingredients listed are ones you can not only pronounce, but there’s only around a handful of ingredients used.

Organic granulated rice powder, organic cane sugar, pink Himalayan sea salt, natural flavors, and monk fruit extract, you get the highest quality ingredients in each package. 100% natural ingredients, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, vegan-friendly, and includes zero artificial sweeteners – you simply can’t beat Pride Foods Rice ‘N Grinds.



Why Our Ingredients Matter to Your Health and Performance:

Organic Granulated White Rice

You can feel good knowing your rice is free of pesticides and potentially harmful additives. Organic granulated white rice is easy to digest and helps fuel your body for the day.

Athletes can benefit from replenishing muscle glycogen stores through this ingredient. By replenishing glycogen, you can improve recovery, and it allows you the ability to get back into the gym to train sooner or recover faster between athletic events – so you can go out and perform at the highest level possible.

The everyday non-athlete may notice some improvements through the use of organic granulated white rice as well. Through its consumption, they may experience an increase in energy and productivity throughout the day. They may even experience better digestibility and fewer GI issues when compared to other breakfast options.

Additionally, organic granulated white rice can add volume to your meal, which can help you feel satiated longer and decrease your risk of cravings throughout the day. This may allow you to better manage your daily caloric intake and help prevent you from overeating.


Organic Cane Sugar

Sugar gets a bad rap because all sources are, unfortunately, all lumped into one category. Organic cane sugar isn’t your standard table sugar you find used when people are baking or that’s being put into various cereals and products on the market. Organic cane sugar is a high-quality sugar that is produced from organically grown sugarcane.

While refined sugar is made up of glucose and sucrose, organic cane sugar contains many helpful vitamins and minerals as well as amino acids to help promote health. Organic cane sugar is free from pesticides and harsh chemicals that can be considered unhealthy.

When you compare the various sugars available, not only is organic cane sugar a healthier option, but it has also been said to have a much better flavor profile as well. Using this ingredient helps sweeten up Rice ‘N Grinds and leave it resembling the taste of a delectable dessert.


Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

Salt is a mineral that (like sugar) is demonized by many communities. Too much of it can cause many health issues, etc. However, pink Himalayan sea salt is an unrefined ingredient that does not contain any additives or go through any harsh processes that involve chemicals. 

There are more than 80 different minerals and trace elements found in pink Himalayan sea salt, which sets it apart from your standard table salt.

Potassium, magnesium, iron, and (obviously) sodium are some of the key components that can provide you with many health and performance benefits. Pink Himalayan sea salt can help keep the body hydrated by balancing fluid levels, may help the thyroid function optimally, can aid in digestion, supports the absorption of nutrients into our cells, and is required to help improve muscle contraction and nerve activity.


Monk Fruit Extract

If you’ve ever poured table sugar directly into your mouth, you know exactly how sweet that is. Now, imagine something over 200 times sweeter – that’s monk fruit extract. The saying, “A little goes a long way,” is absolutely true with this powerful ingredient.

Unlike artificial sweeteners that claim to be sweeter than table sugar, this natural sweetener skips all of the potential side effects from artificial sweeteners and provides you with many health benefits on top of its ability to improve the flavor of whatever you add it to.

Monk fruit extract doesn’t increase blood sugar as standard sugar does. It also does not provide you with any additional calories, carbs, or fat, making it a perfect ingredient for those looking to improve their weight loss results or watch their caloric intake. Additionally, monk fruit extract contains anti-inflammatory properties to help fight inflammation in the body as well as helping to boost the immune system.


Natural Coloring

It is known that various dyes and colors added to the products you consume can have some major health risks to not only you but also children. Pride Foods refuses to compromise on quality and their commitment to provide you with the highest quality product possible. For that reason, you will find ONLY natural coloring in the various Rice ‘N Grinds flavors.

For instance, you may find ingredients like spirulina and beet root added to the ingredient list. These artificial color substitutes are added to provide the product with not only natural coloring but also the added health benefits that come from these specific healthy ingredients.


There’s No Better Time Than NOW to Focus on Your Health and Wellness

We have all sacrificed so much in our lives that it’s time you put your health first for once. None of us are any good if we aren’t healthy and cannot take care of those around us – which includes our loved ones, family, and children. Best of all, not only will you love the taste of Rice ‘N Grinds, but kids love it too! 

It can be a challenge to find something that the whole family will love and enjoy. Pride Foods is honored to provide you with something you can feel good about giving your kids to help fuel their day and help provide them with the nutrients needed to support their performance in school and out. 

From our family to yours, we take great PRIDE in supplying families around the nation with a quality hot cereal solution that can start your day on the right foot.


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